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Building Equity

April 22nd, 2021

How can a homeowner easily increase their equity? Increasing equity on your home means you’ll make more money when it sells AND it means you can refinance to get a lower monthly payment. So obviously, there are a lot of advantages to equity. And the good ...See more

Closing Costs

April 16th, 2021

When you’re trying to sell a home, what exactly ARE closing costs? Closing costs for a seller can reach 8% - 10% of the sale of a home. So estimated closing costs on a $250,000 home could be $20,000 to $25,000… That’s a lot of money! But where is that ...See more

Structural Damage

April 13th, 2021

Are you worried about your home’s foundation wearing down? Unfortunately, a sinking or settling foundation is one of the biggest problems homeowners can experience — and it’s one that you DEFINITELY don’t want to ignore. Just check out what Peak Structural ...See more

Need a Home Office

April 9th, 2021

More people are working from home than ever before! And as fun as working from home is… it also has its challenges. Maybe, for instance, your home doesn’t have room for an additional office and so you’re having to work at the kitchen table, in the guest ...See more

Relocation Regrets

April 6th, 2021

Did you relocate to Denver, but you didn’t really know the area? This is often the case. A person has to move for a job change or transfer, to be closer to family, retirement, or many other reasons. Their house sells quickly, and now the clock is ticking ...See more

Behind on Mortgage Payments

April 3rd, 2021

What should a homeowner do if they’ve fallen behind on their mortgage payments? Unfortunately, most homeowners who’ve fallen behind get overwhelmed and simply ignore the phone calls, emails, and bill statements… hoping that the problem will go away. But ...See more

Kitchen Renovations

March 31st, 2021

Want to update your kitchen but don’t know where to start? Join the club. Home renovations can be pretty expensive… and so we don’t want to mess anything up or spend our money on the wrong thing. At Bunny Hill Properties, we’ve been working in real estate ...See more

Behind on Property Taxes

March 28th, 2021

Are you behind on your property taxes? It happens to more people than you think, and often through no fault of their own.  An unexpected financial crisis, job loss, divorce, or serious medical issues are some of the most common reasons we’ve seen. As ...See more

Should You Accept a Cash Offer?

March 25th, 2021

Did someone make you a cash offer on your home? Did it seem too low? Or maybe it seemed too good to be true? Whatever the case, when professional homebuyers make offers, they don’t always disclose WHY their offer is what it is… or even if it’s actually ...See more

How accurate is the "Zestimate" on your home

March 18th, 2021

To find out the value of their home, most people go to Zillow, type in their address, and check their Zestimate. But is that number accurate? In most cases, according to Zillow, the Zestimate will fall within 10% of the real value of the home (a home ...See more

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