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“We understand life can sometimes feel like a black diamond … So, when it comes to selling your property, take the Bunny Hill!”


Bunny Hill Properties provides a hassle-free, quick, and convenient way to sell your Colorado home while simultaneously giving back to your community.

Our friendly staff work with you to help you understand your situation in today's market. We outline multiple prospective options so you can make the right choice for YOU, whatever your situation.

For those who are ready to sell to us, we promise to dedicate 2% of our earnings to the local charity of your choice. Not only do we help homeowners achieve their goals, but we also help the communities in which they live, grow and thrive.


Bunny Hill Properties specializes in buying homes "as-is," for all-cash in the Colorado market. We work with owners looking for flexibility in selling their home, whether they are seeking a quick close or an extended escrow.

As a team, we work with all types of homeowners to help them assess their current situation and determine whether selling on- or off-market is best suited for them. We provide a detailed market analysis (free of charge!) for every inquiry so that our clients can make an educated decision on how to proceed. As locals and market experts, we can ensure an accurate valuation of every home.

Yes, we buy homes! But we also review all other available options with our clients, such as what it would look like to sell their home on-market. As a team of local Denverites, we are focused on providing quality service and solutions to fellow Coloradoans. If selling all-cash is your best option, we walk you through the closing process.


Today, most all-cash buyers are looking to take advantage of homeowners facing challenging situations, such as those who have excess damage to their home, those facing foreclosure, or those who need cash quickly. However, instead of only offering clients a quick solution, we prefer to ensure they understand their options and make a decision for their home sale that best suits their position.

Our philosophy is to provide education first and an all-cash solution second. Unlike most other all-cash buyers, we conduct a full market analysis (similar to what a real estate agent provides!) and present our findings to the prospective seller. Only after the homeowner has assessed the options and determined that selling to an all-cash buyer is best do we pursue closing on the home.


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Paul - As the founder and Operations Manager of Bunny Hill Properties, Paul got bit by the real estate bug when he first moved to Denver in 2013 and now invests in rental properties across Colorado. He’s got a background in both real estate and engineering which makes him an excellent problem solver and leader of the Bunny Hill team.

“What we focus on at BHP is generating as many options that work for both us and our clients as possible. If we can’t figure out something that works for you, we’ll find you someone who can.”

Paul is an avid skier and hiker, and you’ll usually find him spending his free time outdoors with his fiancé Eliza and their beloved dog Renny.

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Ginna - As a licensed real estate agent in Colorado and with close to a decade of experience all across the nation, Ginna can help you understand all your options when it comes to selling your property. She is a people person, an excellent problem solver, and a very talented backcountry skier! Her passion for real estate and service-oriented mindset make her an extremely valuable asset to her clients. She lives here in the Denver area with her husband Travis and their dog Olive.

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Keenan - Keenan brings a fantastically unique background to the Bunny Hill team. He has experience with sales and consulting in industries like engineering, manufacturing, medical, automotive, logistics, business management, and now real estate. His problem solving skills are off the chart, and has proven to be a huge advantage to his clients. He has a passion for making connections with people and helping them solve their most challenging problems. Make sure to chat about your favorite snowboarding spots with Keenan too, as he’s excellent in deep powder!

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Tori - Tori comes to the team with a background in due diligence, compliance and construction. After working in commercial real estate developing for some of the biggest retailers in the world, Tori developed a passion for residential real estate that came from her own experiences buying and selling homes in the Denver-metro area. Tori likes to listen to each family and learn their story in order to help each owner make a decision as they move on from their property. When she's not in the mountains, Tori loves spending time in her garden with her partner Michael, their dog Biscuit and their three chickens.

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